The Pesticide Label

• Tell what 4 main categories of information you can find on the
pesticide label.
• Given a pesticide label, find and interpret the kinds of specific
product, safety, environmental, and use information discussed in
this chapter.
• With respect to the ingredient statement on a pesticide label,
– Where you will find it
– What must be listed
– What the percentage given for each ingredient means
• Explain the purpose for and difference between a product’s EPA
Registration Number and EPA Establishment Number.
• Tell which PPE and restricted-entry interval requirements on a
pesticide label pertain to your particular use of the product.
• Explain the meaning of the phrase “use inconsistent with
labeling” and provide examples of misuse.
• Explain what to do if state laws are more strict than label
• List the 4 times when you should read the pertinent parts of the
pesticide label.