BONUS* Equipment Calibration

Learning Objectives

• Define calibration.
• State the purpose of calibration.
• Tell why calibration is important and what the potential
consequences are if you fail to calibrate your application
equipment properly.
• Identify label information you will need to calibrate a sprayer or
granular applicator.
• Tell what you should do to prepare for equipment calibration.
• Given any necessary equations, use the procedures provided in
this chapter to determine the:
– Spray rate of your equipment
– Amount of spray or granules that should be applied to a test
area if your equipment is properly calibrated
– Ground speed of your application equipment
– Dimensions of a suitable test area for calibration
• With respect to the 3 things you can change to adjust your spray
rate, tell:
– What they are
– How changing them affects the spray rate
– Which method is the best choice for making large changes in
spray rate
• List the factors that affect the flow rate of granules and tell how
they do so.
• Explain why you need to recalibrate a granular applicator each
time you switch products.