Managing Pesticide Wastes

Learning Objectives.

• Explain when an item becomes pesticide waste and who is
responsible for disposing of it.
• Identify steps you can take to reduce the amount of pesticide
waste you generate.
• Discuss your options for disposing of pesticide containers and
other wastes.
• Tell where you can find information regarding pesticide and
pesticide container disposal on the pesticide label.
• Explain which types of pesticide waste may be disposed of in a
sanitary landfill.
• Explain why landfill operators may refuse to accept certain
pesticide wastes.
• Describe how you would manage and dispose of liquid pesticide
• With respect to hazardous waste:
– Tell when waste is considered to be hazardous and who
regulates it.
– List steps you can take to reduce the amount of hazardous
waste you generate.
– Describe your options and responsibilities for disposing of
hazardous waste.