The Toxicity of Pesticides

• Distinguish between pesticide poisoning, pesticide injury, and
allergic effects to pesticides.
• For contact and systemic effects of pesticide exposure:
• Define each.
• Distinguish between them.
• Provide examples of each.
• With respect to toxic effects of pesticide exposure, define and
distinguish between:
– Acute, delayed, and chronic effects
– Reversible and irreversible effects
• Define acute and chronic toxicity.
• Tell what is meant by LD50 and LC50 .
• Describe the relationship between a pesticide’s toxicity and its
LD50 and/or LC50
• Describe how pesticides are assigned to toxicity categories.
• Explain what signal words are.
• Match signal words to a pesticide’s toxicity category and
relative level of toxicity.
• Locate the signal word(s) and any chronic toxicity statements on
a pesticide label.
• Explain how chronic toxicity is measured.