Emergency Planning and Response

• Give examples of how the risks of pesticide spills and fires
extend beyond your farm or business property.
• Describe the components of an emergency response plan:
• State the purpose of the federal Emergency Planning and
Community Right-To-Know Act (SARA Title III).
• Identify the roles of the State Emergency Response Commission
and Local Emergency Planning Committees in administering
SARA Title Ill.
• Identify where you may find an emergency assistance phone
number in the event of a pesticide spill.
• With respect to a spill kit, tell:
– Where you should have one
– What it should contain
– What each item in the kit is used for
• Discuss the procedures for each of the “4 Cs” of spill response.
• Give 4 reasons why pesticide fires are especially hazardous.
• List information you should share, and with whom, in
developing a frre response plan.
• Tell what actions you and firefighters should take when
responding to and cleaning up after a pesticide fire.