Learning Objectives.

• Give examples of the sources from which we get pesticides.
• Match the type of pesticide to the pests it is used against.
• Tell how pesticides used against the same group of pests can
differ from each other.
• Define the following terms:
– Mode of action
– Residual and nonresidual
– Contact, stomach poison, and systemic insecticide
– Contact and systemic herbicide
– Selective and nonselective herbicide
– Protectant and systemic fungicide
– Acute and multidose anticoagulant rodenticide
• With regard to pesticide-impregnated materials:
– Define what they are.
– Provide examples.
– Identify the 1.ype(s) of pesticide that may be used in each
• Tell where on a pesticide label you might find what type of
pesticide a product is.

Lesson Content
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