Pesticide Security

Learning Objectives

• List the benefits of pesticide security.
• List the risks associated with poor security and possible
consequences of each.
• Give examples of things you need to consider when assessing
your facility for security concerns.
• Describe the value of co-workers and police in helping you
identify and assess security concerns.
• Discuss steps you can take to ensure your employees enhance
site security rather than pose a risk to it.
• Give examples of barriers you can use to restrict access to your
facility and pesticides.
• Discuss how you can use warning signs to prevent accidental
entry into secure areas.
• Explain how monitoring systems, management practices, and
improved visibility around your facility can help you detect and
respond to intruders.
• Show how you can control visitor and worker access to
pesticides so as to enhance security and workplace safety.
• Tell why computer security is important and how to achieve it.
• Explain how inventory control and record. Keeping can help
improve pesticide security.