Pesticide Exposure and Risk

• Explain why pesticides can be harmful to people.
• With respect to pesticides, define the following terms and
describe the relationship between them:
– Risk
– Toxicity
– Exposure
• State whether the source of a pesticide affects how toxic it is.
• Distinguish between acute and chronic pesticide exposure.
• Explain the dose-time relationship between risk and pesticide
• Explain why people can differ in their susceptibility to toxins.
• For the four routes by which pesticides may enter your body:
– Describe each route, including how pesticide is absorbed by
the body.
– Give examples of how you may be exposed to pesticides via
each route .
• Describe the effect of formulation and of exposed skin on how
quickly pesticide is absorbed through the skin.
• List ways in which people may become exposed to pesticides
that you use.
• Tell where on the pesticide label you might find statements that
warn you as to the hazards associated with each route of entry.