Fate of Pesticides in the Environment

Learning Objectives.

• Identify components of the environment that cell be affected by
• State the three ways by which we release pesticides into the
• Define phytotoxicity and list conditions that make it more likely
to occur.
• Describe ways in which fish, wildlife, livestock, and beneficial
insects can be exposed to and harmed by pesticides.
• List steps you can take to protect bees from pesticides.
• Describe each of the following and its effect on the movement
of a pesticide in the environment:
– Solubility
– Adsorption
– Persistence
– Degradation
– Volatility
• Describe ways in which pesticides can move from the site of
release and where they can end up.
• Define each of the following with respect to pesticide movement
in the environment:
– Drift
– Runoff
– Leaching
– Secondary poisoning
• Give examples of areas that are particularly sensitive to
• Explain how to use county bulletins to protect endangered
species from pesticides.