Always All-Natural Repellent


The Green Industry is the fastest growing industry in pest control. More often, consumers are looking for a natural solution to their pest control problems and are willing to pay a premium for a natural service. Concerns about kids, pets and water supply make the demand for natural solutions grow every year.

This is why all of our services are always all-natural. We started with all-natural deer control and have stuck with natural products ever since. Our products are safe to use around water supplies and customers can be on their lawn while we spray. We just politely ask that they move as we work our way around their yard.

All-Natural is the Future

30% of mosquito consumers are looking for a natural solution and this number grows annually. The Millennial generation is quickly making up more of the homeowner population and Generation Z will begin to follow them before we know it. These environmentally conscious generations are going to demand that companies use natural, environmentally friendly products and services sooner rather than later.

Notably, it’s not just homeowners who are demanding natural pest control services. Citizens groups and the EPA are pushing for natural products. Montgomery County, Maryland has banned chemical sprays, and right in our backyard towns in Massachusetts are stopping their mosquito programs to look for alternatives. It’s becoming a threat for pest control companies to not carry a 25B.

Protecting You and Your Customers

It all comes back to the customers. We never want customers to be worried about the safety of their kids, pets and family just to get rid of a few insects. It’s not fair to the safety of the customer and it’s not fair to you and your future technicians’ safety. Nobody wants to go outside spraying chemicals in a gas mask. This is why we’re committed to All-Natural Tick & Mosquito Control.

Our children were able to safely play in the backyard soon after the application was complete. Pleasant smelling, child friendly formula worked very well!
– Michelle Landry, Northern RI
After shopping around, we decided to go with ohDEER because we liked that they are chemical free (with young kids who play in the yard A LOT, this was important to us) yet still effective and keeping bugs away.
– Saba Ahmed, Montgomery County, MD
Their product is all natural, and the main reason we started using them. Highly recommended.
– Stellios Karastamatis, South Shore