Franchise Business Opportunity

If you enjoy what you do, you never work a day in your life. The ohDEER Franchise System allows you to be your own boss while working with a team and process that is proven and stands out amongst the competition.

ohDEER is a 12-month service business offering All-Natural Deer, Tick & Mosquito Control. Using liquid and granular solutions, we apply our all-natural spray to the perimeter of properties. There’s a seasonal swing with Tick & Mosquito Service (Spring-Fall), but Deer Control is offered year-round. This allows you to scale your business and reset for three months to plan while still serving your clients and creating cash flow.

ohDEER has combined Tick & Mosquito Control with nature’s largest pest, DEER, to offer you a business path to control your financial future. Deer control provides multiple streams of revenue that will allow you to scale quickly.

The ohDEER Team will also assist you with the business tasks that no one likes to do such as setting up your gmail account and website, client acquisition through sales, marketing and budgeting so you can work towards financial success.

The Deer Tick lifecycle which lasts two years
The ohDEER mosquito life cycle which lasts about 21 days