The Deer/ Tick/ Mosquito Franchise Industry

Size of Market
As global temperatures rise, people are spending more time outside than ever and so are seasonal pests like ticks and mosquitoes. ohDEER is leading the way in providing these consumers with an all-natural solution to their tick and mosquito problems.

Our work is important because these pests aren’t just a nuisance. Lyme disease cases reported in the United States have doubled in the last 20 years, according to the CDC. More and more people are seeing the dangers of tick-borne illnesses and consumer awareness of pest control is steadily following. People are starting to see Tick and Mosquito Control as not just a luxury but a necessity in fighting insect-borne diseases.

ohDEER's all-natural pest control is safe for you and your pets!

More About Insect-borne Diseases

Preventing insect-borne diseases is more than just servicing our customer’s yards. That’s why we’ve created programs like T.I.C.K. and T.I.C.K9. Take Initiative Check Kids is our way of educating people about ticks and tick-borne diseases. We work with local preschools providing free service and safety tips to protect the children in our community. Similarly, Take Initiative Check K9s provides free services to dog shelters and aims to educate dog owners with safety tips and tick prevention.