BONUS* Federal Pesticide Laws and Regulations

• Name the federal law (and the agency which enforces it)’that
governs the· production, sale, and use of pesticides.
• Describe the role of state and tribal lead agencies in enforcing
pesticide laws and regulations.
• Tell which law you must comply with if a pesticide law in your
state, tribe, or territory is more strict than federal law.
• Explain the purpose and importance of pesticide product
registration and reregistration.
• Tell what kinds of data a pesticide manufacturer (registrant)
must provide EPA during the registration process.
• Explain the relationship between registration and the pesticide
• Explain why some pesticides are registered as restricted use.
• Tell where you would find a restricted-use statement on a
pesticide label.
• Tell who can purchase and/or apply:
– General-use pesticides
– Restricted-use pesticides
• For Section 24(c) and Section 18 registrations:
– State what each is commonly called.
– Explain why each registration is sought.
– Tell what you must do to use a pesticide under such
• With respect to minimum-risk pesticides:
– Explain why they are exempted from registration.
– Tell how label requirements differ between registered and
exempt pesticide products.
– List the requirements a pesticide product must meet in order
to qualify for the exemption.
• List the EPA’s options when it considers whether or not to
reregister a pesticide product.
• Distinguish between private applicator and commercial